Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Red Heart Awards

Here are the winning products of the Red Heart Award. 

Best Mascara - Avon Supershock in black

Best Liquid Foundation - Maybeline 24 Hour Superstay

Best Eyeshadow - Mac

Best Lipstick -  Maybeline Color Sensations

Best Lip gloss - Maybeline Color Sensations

Best Lip Liner - Maybeline Color Sensations

Best Eye Make-Up Remover - Oil of Olay

Best Mineral Powder - Avon Mineral Powder

Best Blush - Avon Mineral Blush

Best Eyeliner - Avon Dual Kohl Liner

Best Perfume - Ralph Lauren Romance

Best Body Wash - St. Ives Collection

Best Shampoo & Conditioner - Dove Intense Damage

Best Body Lotion - St. Ives Collection

Best Ladies Shaver - Shick Quattro For Women (Personal shaver)

Best Lingerie - Frederick's of Hollywood

Best Shoe Selection - Charlotte Russe

Best Eyeshado Primer - Loreal Decrease

Best Concealer - Revlon Colorstay

Best Coffee Creamer - International Foods Coffee House Creamers

Best Dish Soap - Palmolive

Ask Red

Hello Red Heads! 

The December Ask Red is late but I have a good reason. I'm expecting another baby in the new year! If anyone would like the recipe to the tea I drank to help things along feel free to ask. 

Dear Red,

My family just got a dog for Christmas and it is very quickly turning my plain off white carpet into leopard print. Please help.


Dear Spotted in Kansas,

Who gives a pet for Christmas anymore? Did this dog come from an inlaw who was jealous of your carpet color choice? I digress. The solution is simple. White vinegar. Take a paper towel and BLOT the urine or pick up the other stuff. DO NOT RUB. Then pour the vinegar directly over the spot and let it sit. Don't touch it. Don't step on it, nothing. Let it dry on it's own. The stain and the odor will disappear as it dries. 

Dear Red,

My oven WILL NOT come clean! My daughters insisted on helping me cook over the Thanksgiving holiday. When I wasn't looking they turned the heat up on the oven. Of course it burned the turkey but the real problem was that the stains in the oven are cooked in now. I've tried everything and nothing is working. 


Dear Scrubbed,

Have you tried ammonia? Get yourself a large bowl, preferrably a stained mixing bowl so you can kill two birds with one stone. Fill it halfway with the store bought ammonia. Place it on the oven rack and leave it for a full 24 hours. Be sure the oven is cold and that you don't turn the stove on. The next day take a hot scrubbing sponge and the stains should come off with ease.

Dear Red,

I am addicted to scented candles, especially the ones in the glass jars. But it is getting really expensive to buy. It seems like such a waste to throw away the jars. 


Dear Scented,

I know how you feel. Not only do you end up throwing away some nifty jars but also you end up wasting the last little bits of candle wax down at the bottom. Here's what I do. I wash out the old jars and buy a pack of wicks from Joann's. As I burn the candles, I carefully pour out the hot wax into the other jar around the new wick. That way, when one candle is done burning I have another one with a completely new scent. You can also sanitize the jars and use them for candy, cotton balls, notions, q-tips etc. 

Dear Red,

I read your old blog from and you said that you could flat iron and curl a synthetic hair wig. Do you have a video toot on this?


Coming in 7 days or less.   

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to Make a Cardboard Mandala

1. Start with your basic pizza box.

2. Use a pizza pan to trace a large circle on the lid. Cut out the circle.

3. Cover the pizza logo with gray paint.

4. Paint over the gray paint with the paint you want to use for your design.

5. Use the sides of the boxes to make the feather shapes or any other shapes you want. Be creative.

6. Paint the feathers. Leave room on the tips to attach them.

7. Glue on the feathers and add your finishing touches.