Thursday, May 10, 2012

Zulilly Review

So, I finally decided to give a chance. I bought four adorable little sundresses made by Sugah and Honey. The price was excellent. It was on average about $12 per dress. They looked just like they were advertised and fit perfectly. But my positive review ends there.

The dresses were made from paper thin fabric with no lining. I bought a $5 dress from Target that had a lining and bloomers. As you can see from the pictures, the dresses were poorly sewn. I actually had to break out my serger and repair the dresses before my little girl could wear them. Perhaps they were cheaply made because they were made in China, another negative since I am on a Made in America kick. This information is not available on the site.

The shipping is another problem. It took 10 days just for the items to ship and another four days for them to arrive. I used the Zulilly IPhone app to make my purchase but found that my $10 credit could only be applied if I used a regular computer.

Will I order again? Maybe. If I don't need the item for 2 weeks or if I have purchased from the manufacturer before, then yes, I would.

Zulilly, great price, poor quality.