Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 Things You'll Waste Your Money On This Fall

1. Halloween Costumes

We're all guilty of it. We spend our hard earned dollars on the newest and coolest costume that will only be worn once. The reality is, the best costumes are the homemade ones or the ones that no one else thought about. Buy a used costume and sell it next year to make your money back.

2. Halloween Candy

Let's face reality. The only reason to buy the name brand candy is to prevent being made fun of by the little kiddies. If you've been scoping out the candy isles you are probably wincing at the prices. Try the local dollar store. They often have name brand candy for less. Visit a different dollar store each time. Different stores have different items.

3. Turkey

Why anyone would buy a turkey when they will get one free is beyond me. Then there are those who purchase a whole turkey when they know in advance that all they want is the breast or the dark meat. Save money by doing your regular grocery shopping at a store with a free turkey campaign. If you get more than one, donate the extra. Otherwise, buy only the turkey breast or the legs. There will be no pesky leftovers that no one wants to eat anymore.

4. Decorations

Every year you buy decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving. The cheaper thing to do is to keep this year's decorations to use next year. We all love the fun of carving a pumpkin. Give your kids something else to do and buy a ceramic pumpkin. It is reusable. If your little ones really want the pumpkins at least use the pulp and the seeds for your recipes.

5. School Photos

You see your little dimple darling all dolled up and you can't resist purchasing the largest package available. Buy the smallest available and scan them onto your computer. Crop out any company names or logos. Order reprints to an online only photo company or print them on your computer. Online only photo companies don't care if your portraits are professional or not. Another way to save is to avoid school picture day altogether and take your little one to Walmart or JCPenney and buy a package. You will have better value for your money and you will have more control over the outcome of your portraits.

6. School Clothes

Most summer clothes can be worn far into the fall. The only thing you need to do is add layers for those days that are extra breezy or even wet. Most areas in the United States experience summer a month or two into fall. That accounts for most of the season. Let your child wear those t-shirts, denim and dresses for a little while longer. Add hoodies, long sleeve shirts, and tights on cold days. Save your money for winter.

7. School Supplies

Your little ones are playing you for a fool. They tell you that they need new pencils, notebooks, and even a backpack. You believe every word. What's a mother to do? Tell your child, the backpack he wears this year will be his backpack next year. See if that backpack isn't in pristine condition next June. Don't buy cartoon or movie themed backpacks or supplies. When the trend dies, so will their desire to use the supplies. Pencils and pencil boxes don't disintegrate the moment school is out. Check your supplies before you buy.

8. Heat

Don't turn up the heat for a little chill. Wear a blanket or a sweater and save the heat for winter.

9. Make-up

Most women want to throw away their summer colors and run to the mall for the new fall colors. The fact is that by adding darker colors to the summer palette will suffice. Blend dark brown to blue, green, purple, black, silver, orange, or yellow and you will have a fall version of a summer color. Use a darker lip liner and blend with the brighter colors and you will have a darker color. Ditch the lip gloss and you will have a matte lip stain which is common for fall. Mix your blush with face powder if you are medium or dark skinned and you will have a darker blush.

10. Sneakers / Tennis Shoes

Foot Locker and Foot Action all have to 2 for sales this time of year. The new Jordan's will come out and your son will darn near have a conniption. The only people who should buy new sneaks for the fall are the people who know how to keep them clean and people who's feet are done growing. Once the rain and snow start to fall, the sneaks will retire to the closet until Spring at which point a new style will be out. You'll be lucky if your son still fits them. Just wait until spring and save your time and money.