Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Best & Worst Places To Shop For Toys


1.Toys R Us - The isles are organized by age range. If you shop online there are two age ranges, the manufacturer's age recommendation and the Toys R Us recommendation. Follow the store age range. There is also the largest variety I have seen. Be sure to use the discount card to save money and earn rewards.

Con- Not a very generous return policy. The staff is not always helpful.

2. Walgreens - This one is a shocker for some of you. But Walgreens owns the corner market on games, travel toys and classic toys for a great price.

Con- Most stores have no returns.

3. Target - If you can find a super Target then shop there for the toys. You will be able to make a return without a problem and won't have to fight a bargain crowd.

Con - Selection can be poor depending on the size of the Target.


1. Walmart - Often times people have opened the packages and stolen key components of the toys. The staff is not at all helpful.

Con - Chances are the cheapest place that is closest to you is a Walmart and not a Target.

2. Costco - The selection is horrible.

Con - You will miss out on the best return policy.

3. Babies r Us - People say it is the same as Toys R Us. It isn't. The baby toys are grossly overpriced.

Con - The high prices allow you to stack up more rewards on your card.

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