Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Childrens Book Picks

Llama Llama Holiday Drama

This addition to the Llama Llama series is seasonally appropriate. In keeping with the traditions set by the previous books, Llama Llama Home With Mama, Llama Llama Mad At Mama, the little llama spends the day shadowing his mama and learning as he goes along. This book is as entertaining as the others and your child will enjoy the colorful illustrations. For the new reader in your home it utilizes many of the December sight words that are listed in my last blog. It is just simple enough of a read to hold every child's attention when you read it aloud and not too simple to leave your new reader without a challenge. This book has more challenging words and longer sentences than the others in the series.

Bunnicula and Friends: The Fright Before Christmas

This is another book from a series. For those who are wondering, Bunnicula is a bunny that the other characters believe is a vampire. Hence the name Bunnicula. This level three book includes chapters, longer sentences, contractions and two to three syllable words. The story presents children with the idea of interpretation. The reader will learn how a misunderstanding can occur when statements are taken literally. The frightening aspect of the story is very gentle. It is presented in the form of the Christmas ghost and something going bump in the night. I would recommend familiarizing your child with the story of Scrooge so that the references will make sense to him or her. This book also utilizes about 80% of the December sight words listed in my last blog. It is a great advanced first grade reader but it is also an exciting read-aloud book if you are an expressive reader to your children.

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