Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jamberry Review

I know that there are a ton of reviews of Jamberry already. But I was given two samples and asked to write a review. I was given Pumpkin Spice and Candy Cane shields. It should be noted that I was given only half sheets and I have never used Jamberry before. As a result, they weren't applied 100% correctly as seen in the photo. Pumpkin Spice was applied correctly but Candy Cane was not. I got lazy.

Pumpkin Spice shields

These were apparently discontinued, not the color but the version of the shield. The adhesive side was thick and silver. I am told that the new shields have a white or clear backing now. The color was perfect, exactly as pictured. I used a hairdryer as I had seen on YouTube but this was cumbersome and time consuming. So I tried the flat iron method. I seem to have a hotter flat iron than that of the YouTube tutors because mine melted the adhesive right off the shield. This wouldn't have been such a big deal if I had more than a half sheet to work with. So adjusted the heat and continued. Because the shields were so thick, I found it hard to stretch the shields as needed to fit my fingers. But once I rubbed the warm rice filled pad on my nails they seemed to fit fine. But on my right hand, I decided to apply the shields and use the heat pad to adhere them. This certainly saved time but it allowed for rippling as the shields required more heat to become pliable. The shields lasted 14 days without a single problem. People complained that the edges were bothering them. The edges are thick, but I found that filing was worse than using baby nail clippers. So I used the clippers and had no rough edges.

Candy Cane shields

These were much easier to stretch and required half as much heat as the old formula. Unfortunately, I was working with a half sheet and had to really stretch on of the shields. I found that once stretch, they would shrink back to their original position. Clear polish didn't solve this issue. There were no edges at all that gave a problem. They were thinner and adhered even better. My only complaint was that the color wasn't as vibrant.

In both cases, I only peeled them off because I wanted to change the color. But they stayed on when washing dishes, cleaning crab, and showering. I would buy these but only if I know I am going to leave the color on for more than 2 weeks. They last so long and are priced based on that fact that it would be a waste to use them for less than 2 weeks.

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