Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Spring Cleaning Phase One: The Purge

It's that time of year when we free ourselves of trash and clutter. Before you venture into that closet or the garage, start with your friends. This year I will be doing the purge. No one needs friends who aren't pulling their weight. You certainly don't need false acquaintances. 

Free your gigabytes

Send out individual text messages to everyone in your contacts list. If you don't receive a response in an hour, delete the contact. You may choose to be more flexible in your response time limit. But if the person isn't responding, you're not friends. You may also have the wrong number. But if you don't have their new number, again, you're not friends. 

Privatize your social media

You have all the friends you need on Facebook. In fact, you probably have too many. Post a message on Facebook informing your friends of the purge. Then, by the end of the day, wipe out anyone who has not spoken to you in the last 6 months. You don't need looky-loos or passengers on your plane. You certainly don't need thirsty potentials stalking you either. After you purge your page, change your privacy settings to disallow any further friend requests. 

Reel in the line

Don't be so open to make new friends. This means, every person that shares common interests does not deserve to be referred to as a friend. Some people need to stay on that "acquaintance" status. Limit your friends to those who expressly wish you well, support you when you're on the right track, defend you when you're under attack, show concern when you're hurt, and inspire greatness. 

You will hurt some people's feelings. You will piss people off. But this is about reducing access to your positive life force. This is less about building walls and isolation and more about building a stronger you. People will take whatever they can grab from you. Including your light. Purge the negative and make room for the positive. 

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