Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ten Movies That Never Should Have Been Remade


It has been remade into obliteration and even spawned sequels. The reason this movie can never be outdone is that the original is timeless. Although the original shock and horror of the film are non-existent, all other issues continue today. There is a mother who possibly has a mental or emotional disorder, a bullied teenager, a group of mean girls, and a painfully complacent group of adults. This movie continues to show that not much has changed in our society as it continues to be relevant in regards to human behavior.

Rosemary's Baby

Let's face it, no horror movie should ever be remade. This is especially true of horror classics. Part of the appeal of Rosemary's Baby is implication. We never actually see anything which is the appeal of the original film. Was this her imagination? Where the people around her really up to something? The most important part of the film is the time period in which it was written. At the time of this film, pregnant women were still treated like disabled toddlers. Husband's spoke for them and no one could even spell HIPPA. Today, if a pregnant woman says, "I want to move out of this building" the family moves out of the building. Pregnant women today have far more power than pregnant women at the release of Rosemary's Baby. This is what made the film so frightening. The possibility of the same situation happening to the viewer makes the film. Remaking it, makes it completely unbelievable.

The Imitation of Life

I'm not sure why this was remade at all. In fact, both versions are so nearly identical, when I purchased them on DVD, I hadn't realized I was watching two different versions. The story is heartbreaking and disturbing. It need not be remade. The acting could not have been improved upon. It was an instant classic.

Steel Magnolias

I have never been a fan of "Black remakes." It's when a studio decides that a movie would be better if there were Black people in it. It takes away from the actual story. I watched the remake of Steel Magnolias on Lifetime, and spent the entire time comparing it to the original. I couldn't enjoy the actual film. What if there was a white version of The Color Purple or Harlem Nights? It would be just as pointless. Race should never be the motivating factor in producing a remake.

Let The Right One In

This foreign film was easy to follow and thoroughly effective. The remake lost the sentiment, the mood, the depth that the original had. Of course the actors were engaging, but there was no need to remake the film.

Single White Female

Again this movie was timeless, with the exception of placing a want ad in the paper. The only update this movie needed was an ad on Craigslist, and a pixie cut rather than the mushroom cut the actress wore. The idea that someone would attempt to replace you by actually becoming you is utterly bone chilling no matter when the film was made.

Fatal Attraction

I realize the irony in this selection. Fatal Attraction was based on Play Misty for Me. Each film is timelessly terrifying in its own way. Still, someone decided to remake Fatal Attraction with Idris Elba and Beyoncé Knowles. Why? They added nothing, they improved nothing.


My sister-in-law loved this remake. It was entertaining in its own right. But the focus was placed on the fact that John Travolta was in drag and the long line of celebrities in the film. The original came from the great filmmaker John Waters. At that time, we all expected him to have a drag queen in the movie. The fact that there was a certified drag queen, Divine, in the film made it easier to focus on the content rather than the stars. Ironically, the actors in the film went on to be even more famous. One whom being Ricki Lake.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Wes Craven got it right the first time. In fact, he did it so well, the highest grossing films in the franchise were made by Wes Craven. The remake of this film was so terrible, I fell asleep. It was a ridiculous waste of money.


Again, classic horror films should never be remade. But trying to update them by adding a rape scene, gratuitous sex, and a docile female lead is practically an abomination. Granted, the new Michael Meyers was far more terrifying. The acts of violence were more entertaining. But I would have paid more money to delete the rape scene and to bring in Jamie Lee Curtis again.

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