Saturday, September 6, 2014

What Classy Women Know

This is merely a compilation of things that self-described classy women say has set them apart from other women. There were many other things that were named but I didn't want this post to be too long. The following is in no way meant to pass judgment on others.

Go tagless.

Those tags on your lingerie, cut 'em off. The point of a lacy thong is to show off your assets. A slender, pink tag with your size on it, sticking out of your crack is not attractive. In fact, the only tags you should have on your clothing should be the designer's label. If you can't remember your size or how to launder your clothing, you have other things to focus on. Lingerie should not have any labels at all.

You don't need to raise your voice to be heard.

Speaking loudly, shouting, rolling your neck will certainly call attention to you. Unfortunately, it will not be the attention you seek. Change your vernacular, use different tones and facial expressions to emphasize your point rather than raise your voice.

Don't use words you don't know.

Most people attempt to use words they don't know in order to sound more intelligent. But the reality is, it has the opposite effect. It is better to take the time to learn the words you don't know and how to properly use them. The same is true of enunciation and pronunciation. Over enunciating and pronouncing words with excess, in an attempt to sound "proper" makes other's wonder about you. Be yourself.

Your bra is not a purse.

There are several styles of handbags, purses, clutches and totes. There is never a reason to use your bra as a purse. No one wants your sweaty money. It's not very classy to reach down into your bra at the counter at the grocery store.

Take it easy on the perfume.

A woman's perfume should not announce her arrival to a room. It should also be light enough to last but mere seconds when she leaves the room. It should last just long enough for someone to want to follow her out of the room to ask her for her number.

Make-up is meant to enhance your beauty.

Eyebrows should be easily identified as neatly groomed strips of hair. They should not appear to be painted on or drawn on with a Sharpie. If it takes you two washes to remove all of your make-up at night, you're wearing too much make-up.

Dress for your body type.

Thin women should not wear high-waisted pants and full-figured women should not wear low rise jeans. The reason is that certain garments cover up the natural beauty of a woman's figure. For example, low-rise jeans on full-figured women brings attention to the waist. Curvy jeans or hip-huggers provide the same look in a more flattering way. A flat chested woman can wear a ruffle front top and appear to be more balanced at the top. A smooth front top on a full-figured woman, as simple as it is, can make a man's jaw drop. She has curves that should not be disguised.

Polish can be flashy but your nails should be simple.

There seems to be a trend of pointy manicures. Women are wearing lattice patterns on pointed, witch-like nails. You may love your new nails, but your man is secretly praying you won't gouge his eyes out when you reach for him at night. If you have to type with the underside of your fingers rather than the finger tips, your nails are too long.

Keep it in the closet.

You are woman, we've heard you roar. There is no need to discuss your sexual escapades in public. If someone wants to know what you're like in bed, then they should at least have to ask you on a date to find out. True, men are attracted to overt displays of sexuality. If this were false, twerking would not have made a comeback. But what keeps a man coming back for more is the mystery. Which is more exciting, an unwrapped birthday present, or a wrapped one?

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