Saturday, September 5, 2015

Zodiac At A Glance: Virgo

Virgos are born August 23-September 22nd

Leo/Virgo cusps tend to be extroverted and energetic. They have very sunny personalities and radiate positivity. People love to be around them.

Virgo/Libra cusps tend to be more moody and easily infatuated. They are more flirty and sexual than other Virgos.

Almost always a Virgo's favorite color is some shade of blue. Of course, there are exceptions.

The Good

Workaholics - No one has ever referred to a Virgo as lazy. They put in the time and dedication that is required to get the job done right. This can also be a bad thing. A Virgo man may not realize how desperately he is missed at home because he is perfectly content to work overtime.

Independent - They are self-starters who don't need much assistance with anything. Partly because they are so intelligent to begin with, and partly because they learn by trial and error. But don't worry, if they need help they will ask. Also, don't be surprised if they take off on their own to attempt your instructions before you've even finished your sentence. They like the satisfaction of having done the task themselves.

Humorous - Next to Geminis they are the funnest of the zodiac. They are extremely playful and light hearted. They love to entertain and make people laugh. They are as silly as they are studious. Perhaps this is nature's way of keeping them balanced.

Meticulously Organized - Virgos are completely reliable. They are usually the ones keeping everyone else on track in meetings, at work, at home managing the budget. As a result, they are always ready for the worst case scenario. Preventable conflicts rarely occur in their lives as they meticulously plan for as many outcomes as they can.

The Bad

Bossy - Virgos tend to be control freaks. This is partly how they plan for the worst case scenario. Being studious can make them into know-it-alls who feel the need to manage other people in the workplace. This drives them to be overly ambitious in their climb up the corporate ladder.

Cheap - Virgos are always willing to spend top dollar on themselves but can be horribly cheap when it comes to others. Again, they are planning for worst case scenario. They are holding on to every penny they can just in case. They are also known for keeping your change when you send them on an errand.

People Pleasers - Virgos are often described as two-faced. The reason is they want to please everyone. They want everyone to like them. They will go out of their way to appear more intelligent and more trustworthy than they are. In an attempt to seize leadership, they will quietly gossip about the boss behind his back and then use everything they've gathered in that conversation to their advantage while they suck up to that same boss. In a confrontation they immediately take a neutral stance but when it is over they will approach the person the most agreed with and offer support in private. They also have a habit of taking credit for ideas that are not their own if they feel their position is being challenged by another.

Hoarders - Virgos are notorious hoarders when they are unhappy. It begins as planning for the worst but gets out of hand when they are depressed and becomes a problem. Collecting memorabilia can quickly become an expensive nightmare.

Sex life

Virgos don't typically initiate the sexual relationship. They like to feel as though everything is happening to them when it comes to love so that they aren't actually taking any risks. Virgos tend to be more attractive than their mates for this reason. If a man comes to the Virgo woman and professes his love he had better have his house in order first. If he does, she will let him into her heart and reciprocate whatever he sends out. She will never go above and beyond what he has placed on the table. She will treat her romantic partner as her equal. The same is true in bed. She will not likely turn him down for sex. If he's down, so is she, but he has to make the first move.

Best match

Capricorn - both are meticulous planners with a passion for finer things. Neither likes to take risks but the Capricorn tends to be more traditional in gender rolls. Both are frugal and love spontaneous laughter and passion.

Taurus - A Taurus will work like a, well, bull for anyone who provides the proper motivation. Virgos are excellent in management and know how to speak to sensitive people. Beware of being overworked by the Virgo however. And the Virgo should make his or her loyalty to the Taurus very plain to see.

Worst match

Leo - You can't have two kings ruling over one kingdom. Virgo will try too hard to control the Leo. Leo will boss and bully the Virgo. Leo will make the Virgo feel insignificant and worthless without even trying.

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