Saturday, December 26, 2015

Kindergarten Sight Words: Level 2

Before beginning level two of sight words, your child should have mastered level one. Mastery as defined by my child's school district involves being able to say the word presented to them in three seconds or less without sounding them out. The child should also have mastered the alphabet, counting to 100, the sound each letter makes and should have a beginner's working knowledge of dipthongs, digraphs, and silent "e". Mastery of level two is measured the same as in level one, however, your child's teacher may still encourage sounding out words, so long as during the testing day, they know the words on sight. You can copy the list of level one sight words here.

Level Two Sight Words

again     oh
all         one
away     our
behind   out
does      over
down     put
find       some
from      there
give       under
goes      very
good     want
has        would
her        your
his        who
how     what
make   where
many   when
new     why

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