Monday, December 28, 2015

Ne J'adore Pas: AdoreMe Review Update

I wrote a review for previously. You can read it here. At the time I loved the matching sets, gift boxes, free gifts and gift cards and the no hassle return policy. But I also began to notice some things that placed me on the fence about the subscription service. Beginning January 1, 2016 I will be permanently cancelling my VIP subscription to

Price Bait and Switch

When I first signed up I was told that the regular price for sets was $39.95 no matter the size. But if I chose to pay for VIP, I would only pay $29.95. Instead, as a 38DD I was charged $49.95 for almost every single set I ever bought.

Size Unavailable

If you're any level of a "D" cup, you're completely out of luck. The same is true for an "F" cup. There are other sizes that are never in stock but they aren't within my range. One day, I decided to wait up for Eastern standard time to log onto my showroom and to see if my size was available. Fourteen seconds after my showroom was updated, my size was out of stock. That's impossible if it were ever in stock in the first place. Every month for the passed 6 months my size was either out of stock or only available in styles I already purchased.

Style Lie

They tell you they have hundreds of styles in stock. But they don't tell you that each color variation is considered a style. In some cases, the same bra and panty set will be available in black with one name then in yellow in another name. The only difference between the two sets is the color. So after about one year of purchasing a new set every month in the size that's closest to mine since mine is sold out, I basically had all they had to offer in my lingerie drawer. That's when I began to purchase corsets, pajamas, and costumes.

Quality Plummeted

Originally, every item I purchased was excellent quality, lasting longer than my Macy's and Victoria's Secret bras combined. But over the last year and a half, that's not so true. The lace shreds even with hand washing. Bows, jewels and other embellishments fell off in shipping. The worst was when the one convertible bra that could hold my heavy, full breasts arrived with a broken hook. After one month of use, all of my underwire bras were stabbing me with exposed wire, my bra straps were shredding and breaking and the panties where unraveling at an alarming rate. No one feels sexy with "holey draws".

Customer Service

At some point, I downloaded the Adore Me App. The app failed to notify me that I had forgotten to either make a purchase or skip the month. So I had a store credit waiting for me for months, but I was unaware because the app was malfunctioning. When I attempted to have the money refunded, the customer service rep acknowledged their error but required me to email another department to explain to them why I deserved a refund after the 30 day time limit. They just admitted it was their fault and that they were aware the app had malfunctioned but still I, a customer for almost 3 years, had to prove I deserved a refund. That was the final straw for me. I used the last of the credit to make one more purchase so that I could cancel. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of using the coupon code for $5 off. If I cancel the membership, I forfeit my money. If I don't, I can pay more money for lingerie that doesn't fit to use up the $5. Or I can send an email to prove my value as a customer for a measly $5 refund. After being ignored by their "are you worthy" refund department, I decided it was worth the $5 to permanently be rid of them. But as I called to cancel, they told me I have to wait until my final purchase arrives, which for the first time in 3 years, is a week late.

I enjoyed having matching bra and panty sets in my size. I loved having comfortable and sexy pajamas. But I don't like the constant bait and switch tactics with the price, and their customer service reps make you feel like the fool for ever signing up in the first place. Thank goodness Macy's has improved their selection and lowered their prices below those of Adore Me.

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