Thursday, February 10, 2011

Petty Things To Fight About

This is the time of year when couples fight over the dumbest things. It is such a regular occurrence that it makes the world of lovers suspicious. Maybe you want to fight to have a reason to break up in time to avoid the Valentine's Day hustle. Perhaps you can't help yourself when it comes to being upset over worthless things. If you are fighting over the following list of things, you're being petty and you may want to take a vacation or have a glass of wine to relax.

1. The Toilet Seat - No, it's not to much to ask to put the darn thing back down. It also isn't too much to ask to simply put it down yourself.

2. Name Brands - You tell him to get Country Crock and he buys Imperial. Big deal. As George Lopez would say, "It's da same ting! Why you crying?!"

3. Forgot To Call - You talk his ear off about penny anty bull crap on a daily basis. Cut the man some slack. He does have other things to do during the day. Why don't you?

4. His Sense Of Style - Or lack there of. He's kind enough to ignore the fact that your feeble minded attempts to look like Rihanna on a Cover Girl ad look more like Lady Gaga on crack. It's only fair that you overlook his socks with Jesus sandals or his Colin Farrell beanie in the summer.

5. His Channel Surfing - Isn't this the reason you have a DVR, Netflix, Hulu, extra t.v.'s, an IPhone etc?

6. Aging Nordic Trainers - He knows he's a fat lazy bastard. He doesn't need you to point it out. Choose to remain silent about the cobwebs on his weight trainer and he will remain silent about your muffin top.

7. Nap Time - You don't have anything to say to the man all day long. The moment you hear him snoring on the lawn furniture you think of 20 things for him to do. Leave the man alone and let him sleep.

8. Who's That Girl? - Believe it or not, he did have friends from both genders before he met you. The world is comprised of two genders. It would be nice if your husband could hold a conversation with different people from each one.

There are so many more important things to deal with in life. There are people who will try to knock you down so that you can't get up. You will need the love of your life to stand firm with you and help you hit them back. Don't divide the ranks. Stay close to your love and strengthen it. Don't break it over something petty.

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