Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day Gifts She Won't See Coming

Bag Lady

Buy her a really large, fashionable bag like this one from Jessica Simpson. Let her think that's all there is to the bag. When she goes to open the bag and check out the pockets and space she will find a treasure trove of all of her favorite things. Stuff it with the IPhone or IPad or Nook Color. Throw in her favorite snacks and her favorite wine. Maybe add a digital camera, jewelry, a book she's been wanting to read, tickets to a show etc. This is your chance to show her that you listen to her and know her well enough to remember what she likes. Make sure the bag is pink or red.

Surrender Your Bathroom

You never have enough counter space between you. Either she's complaining about your mess from shaving, or you're complaining about her make-up being everywhere. It's time to surrender. Look at it this way, you'll never see another tampon or douche again.


Whether its your first or second time around, an all inclusive honeymoon would be something she won't see coming. Valentine's day is on a Monday so she will expect you do the same old dinner and flowers. Surprise her with a honeymoon instead. You'll surely tick off your friends since their wives will talk endlessly about what you did for your wife.

Carrie's Closet

You don't understand why your wife almost cried when Mr. Big presented Carrie with her own closet in Sex In The City. Frankly, you don't have to. Just know that you will be worshiped for all eternity the day you sacrifice your closet to her. You won't have to fight over where things are or where they go. Treat yourself to an armoire or a new dresser. You both know you don't have very much in your wardrobe to begin with. Be creative with how you design the closet. Shelf space is the most important thing. If you are handy, make shelves out of wood from Home Depot. If you're not, by a closet shelf kit.

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