Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pine Sol Q&A

For some strange reason I had a list of questions about the ever popular and my all time favorite, Pine-Sol. I don't know what has caused this surge of interest but here are my answers to your questions.

Q. Why can't I mix bleach with Pine-Sol with bleach?
A. Because the key active ingredient in Pine-Sol is ammonia. Mixing the two makes the deadly mustard gas.

Q. Why does Pine-Sol smell so clean?

A. It's the ammonia. Also, depending on the fragrance you've chosen, you may associate the smell of pine or lemon with cleanliness.

Q. Does Pine-Sol really disinfect?
A. If you follow the directions very precisely. There is already water in the recipe so you don't want to add to much or you'll disturb the water to ammonia ratio.

Q. How do I make my own Pine-Sol?

A. It's not very cost effective to do so but if you're desperate or want to make your own fragrance of Pine-Sol the recipe is simple. Ammonia, pine oil and water. If you want lemon, lavender, orange or Satsuma scented Pine-Sol, you'll need oils with those fragrances in them.

Q. Is Pine-Sol biodegradable?
A. Yes, it is.

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