Friday, January 29, 2016

Mastering Kindergarten Sight Words

If your preschooler or kindergartner is in the process of memorizing sight words, you may be in need of some tips to get things moving smoothly and quickly. Your child may be stuck on certain words or have some difficulty applying certain phonetic rules to irregular words. After reading the list of Sight Words Level 1 you may have noticed that sounding out words works perfectly but doesn't work with Sight Words Level 2. Here are some tips that come from a kindergarten teacher to help your child master sight words.

Make Flash Cards

Flash cards make learning easier. This method is best when information needs to be memorized and recalled on sight. At first, you want the words to be in the same order that they appear on the sight words lists. Then as your child begins to memorize them, mix the words. Set aside any words that prove difficult and have them reappear in the stack more than once so that your child will see it more often.

Increase Frequency

Flash cards or simple list reading must be done at least twice in a day for your child to commit it to memory. If your child is not in school yet go through the flash cards in the morning, before lunch and before bed. Studies show that information is more easily retained if it is acquired before sleeping. If your child is in school, have them do their sight words after they come home and have had a snack or lunch and again before bed.

Supportive Reading

When choosing books to order from Scholastic, or from the library, look through the books to see if the words form your sight word list are featured. Find a book where the sight words appear more than once on each page of the picture book. The child is more likely to commit it to memory if they see it in their favorite books. If your child is tired of flashcards, read bedtime stories to them that feature their sight words.

Real World Application

When looking at signs or packaging in stores, look for sight words. Point them out to your child to get them in the habit of recognizing a word on sight. No matter the context the word may become more easily recognized thus improving the ability to master a list of sight words.


PBS and other public channels can be your best friend. With shows like Sesame Street and Super Why, your child will definitely come across their sight words. Also, shows like Super Why or The Electric Company on Netflix will show a child how to break down a word to sound it out. Netflix is filled with a library of public television shows that you may not have even heard of, that will help your child master sight words.


Have your child trace or write the words on large, lined paper that you can find at any dollar store. have them sound out the letter they are writing. When they attempt the sight words again, they are more likely to remember them.

You can find a list of level one sight words here and level two sight words here.

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