Thursday, November 12, 2009

Energy Bill Savers

The heat is on...unfortunately, so is the chill factor outside your bedroom window. Right about now you are turning on the heater, space or some other type. You are also watching your utility bill skyrocket. Here are some tips to save money on your bill.

1. Enroll in a low income program. Many utility companies are like the telephone company. They allow you to claim low income and receive a lower rate. 

2. If you have PG&E enroll in the Balanced Payment Plan. In many areas, the cold season is from November through February. Luck for you, the PG&E BPP is a plan that averages your usage and allows you to pay one flat rate for the next 4 months. That means no surprises from month to month. 

3. Turn your thermostat to 68 degrees F. when you are home and turn it off when you are not. 

4. Break out grandma's blankets. Keep spare blankets near the sofas, and all the beds. When you get colder, pile them on and stay warm rather than turn up the heat. 

5. Sell your space heaters. They run up your bill and the moment you move away from them you are colder than before. They are also fire hazards. 

6. Stock up on fleece. Take your favorite blanket to your local fabric store (or take the measurements) and buy the same amount of fleece. A simple edge stitch by machine or by hand will secure the edges. When you make your bed, lay the fleece over the flat sheet, and then throw on your other blankets. 

7. Dress up. Wear thicker socks to bed along with pajama bottoms. I know that I advocate for the sexy housewife but health is more important. There are plenty of sexy pajamas that keep you warm. 

8. Drink up. If you are feeling chilly try drinking a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Bailey's Cream in a cup of coffee is also a nice treat. 

9. Black out. Black out curtains don't just keep the sun out in the summer. They also keep the cold out in the fall and winter. Be sure to check the doors and windows for drafts.

10. Take a shower. Taking a bath uses more water and leaves your body open to chills longer. Take a quick shower, set a 5 minute timer. Have your clothing ready in the bathroom or at least a bathrobe to stay warm in between. It saves water and prevents you from turning on a space heater.

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