Thursday, November 26, 2009

Here's a cute project my cousins and I used to do with the younger family members during Native American Month. 

You will need: Scissors, tape or glue, gray paint, various paint colors, brushes, oatmeal or cereal boxes, twigs, the teepee template (email me for it)

Step 1: Cut out and trace the teepee template onto the oatmeal box. Mark the lines and corners. Cut out the teepee.

Step 2: With your gray paint, paint the colored side of the cardboard. The brown side will be the inside of the teepee. You may need to remark your folding points or fold it before painting. 

Step 3: Paint your own designs onto the teepee. While it dries hunt down some small twigs if you haven't collected some already. 

Step 4: Glue or tape the twigs to inside of the teepee along the fold lines. 

Step 5: Bring the teepee together by glueing or taping the rear tabs together. Your teepee is finished!

You can tie a piece of string around he twigs of the teepee and hang it on your Christmas tree to display it past Native American Month.

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