Monday, October 11, 2010

10 More Things You're Wasting Your Money On

1. New Shampoos

You know the ones I am talking about. They claim to be "new and improved" or "specially formulated for your hair type." But quite frankly, it's all a lie. The only new thing about these new shampoos is the bottle and the marketing. For dry, curly, or thick shampoos they add more or less conditioner than they already had before. For fine or straight hair they add less. That's all.

2. Checks

These dinosaurs of the paper payment world still exist. Most of us only use them to pay the rent and other bills that don't take debit. So why in the world are you paying extra for them? I know what you're thinking, "But the Hello Kitty ones are sooo cute." Reality check (pun intended), no one cares what your check looks like so long as the funds clear.

3. Laundry boosters

If your $20 detergent works so well, then why does it need a booster? Either use a better stain remover spray, baking soda, or change detergents.

4. Dryer Sheets

If your detergent isn't leaving your laundry fresh, change detergents. Is the static cling in your laundry so grand that you need dryer sheets?

5. Garlic bread and croutons

Make it yourself. It takes less time. It's cheaper and it tastes better.

6. Pasta Sauce

See number 5

7. Stretch mark cream

Switch to cocoa butter lotion. You will have smoother, healthier skin with less blemishes. One bottle, one price.

8. Octane booster

Your hubby tells you to put it your car with the next gas refill. Honestly, have you ever noticed a difference? Neither has the mechanic that is taking your money.

9. Car washes

That's what your children are for. They love getting wet on hot days and they love playing with bubbly soap. Grab a glass of wine and watch them go bonkers in your driveway.

10. Beauty parlor

Why are you paying someone else to flat iron your hair when you can do it yourself? Use a straightening serum before and a ceramic iron after.

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