Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tombstone Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

This is the easy way to have an ice cream cake.

You will need:

A rectangular cake pan

Enough ice cream sandwiches to fill the pan

Foil or wax paper

Frosting and cake decorations in your color of choice

For the larger cake you will also need:

Chocolate cake mix

Ice cream

For a smaller cake:

Step one: Line the cake pan with the foil or wax paper. Smear a thick layer of frosting along the bottom. Lay the sandwiches along the bottom, cutting them to fit. This is like brick laying. The frosting will hold the sandwiches in place.

Step two: Smear the desired frosting over the top of the cake. Add your decorations, words, images etc.

Step three: Freeze the cake for at least 30 minutes before eating. You'll find slicing much easier.

For the larger cake:

Step one: Bake a rectangular cake and cool.

Step two: Slice the cake in half lengthwise with a bread knife. The top half of this baked cake is the bottom.

Step three: Spread ice cream on the bottom layer. Add a layer of ice cream sandwiches. Add another layer of ice cream add top with the other half of the baked cake.

Step four: Spread your decorative frosting and decorations over the top of the cake. Freeze the cake for 45 to an hour before serving.

Tips: Leave the cakes in the pans when you freeze them. Lift them from the pans by the paper or foil.

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