Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Treat Tree

This would make the perfect centerpiece for a Halloween party or an alternative to the unattended candy bowl outside your front door. For even more creativity use your old plastic Christmas tree to hang the ghost.

You will need:

Tissue or coffee filters

White string

Black yarn or pipe cleaners

Black marker

Step one:
For the head of the ghosts fill the center of a tissue square or coffee filter with a another piece of balled up tissue or coffee filter.

Step two: Tie off the head with the black yarn or pipe cleaner and fluff out the bottom.

Step three: Color eyes for the ghost on the head. You can color a mouth too as an option.

Step four:
Tie a piece of string around the neck to hang it from your tree.
If you are making this into a Treat Tree then you will need to fill the ghosts with candy instead.

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