Saturday, October 30, 2010

Eyeball Cupcakes

This is a fun treat for kids year round but especially Halloween.

You will need:

Cupcake liners

Red velvet cake mix (easiest way)

White frosting

Lifesavers Gummy

Chocolate M&M's (Dk. Brown & Light Brown ones)
Chocolate or Licorice Jelly Belly (brown or black color is important, not flavor)

Very Cherry Jelly Belly (or any red colored flavor)

(use Jelly Bell due to their size)

Step one: Bake the cupcakes according to the package instructions and let cool.

Step two: Use a butter knife and cut a slit in the center of the cupcakes. Fill the slit with 3 or more Cherry Jelly Belly.

Step three: Spread the white icing on the cupcakes. Place a Gummy Lifesaver on top in the center. This is the eye color. Place a dark M&M or Jelly Belly in the Lifesaver hole.

Step four: Enjoy

Improvise wherever you can. Use red food coloring in a white or a chocolate cake.

For more grotesque cupcakes, fill the centers with red Jello or red liquid lollipop. Use icing writers for the bloodlines on the whites of the eyes.

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