Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bounce Dryer Bar Review

Here is the product information direct from the website

My Experience

In the store I noticed that the other Bounce Dryer bars were cracked and some were even shattered. There are complaints online about the bar detaching from the holder and leaving pieces everywhere. My bar did not appear to be cracked until I placed it on the dryer. The shrink wrap concealed one vertical crack down the center. I also noticed that some were for 2 or 4 months. I opted for the 2 month Outdoor Fresh bar. It was cheaper and I figured, if I don't like it I won't be stuck with it.

The bar was comparably priced at $4.99 to the 80 count pack of Bounce dryer sheets. I should state that I have suffer from chronic sinusitis and acute rhinitis. Strong smells are not my friend. I haven't used dryer sheets in 20 years due to this fact. Bounce dryer sheets are strong in fragrance. The fragrance free Bounce is about $12 in my area. I can't see paying so much for something I am going to throw in the trash.

The online complaints about the Bounce Dryer Bar are that it doesn't stick to the dryer. The directions say to clean a spot on the dryer drum, not the fin and attach the bar holder. I placed it once and never moved it. My 2 month bar never came off or came loose. There were complaints that the bar fell apart in the dryer. It is my belief that there were cracks in the bar before it was attached. The cracks are really hard to see until you apply it. There are complaints about the bar leaving streaks on clothing. I also did not have this problem. I also found that my 2 month bar lasted 4 months. I launder 1-2 loads daily. I think my bar may last for another half a month if not a full one. The fragrance was subtle but noticeable. It was strong enough to mask that mildew smell from clothes left in the washer but gentle enough not to aggravate my allergies. I should also note that I use All Free and Clear as a detergent.

My overall verdict is that this product is a definite buy. It lives up to its promises if you purchase an undamaged product. If your bar breaks or detaches, call the company and ask for a replacement or the money back guarantee.

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