Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Facebook Etiquette Violators

So, your friend requests go unanswered or are flat out denied. Your friends list is dwindling in numbers. In fact, your blocked users list is increasing faster than your friends list. Chances are, you are one of the following Facebook Etiquette Violators.

The Apps-tract

No one likes spam or status update takeovers. But The Apps-tract isn't aware of this fact. She suggests mindless quizzes and time consuming games without verifying that the link is legit. So you click on the link and wind up seeing spam posted 12 times in 2 minutes on your page. Your friends then take the bait and become disgruntled. No one wants to follow your links anymore and its all the fault of The Apps-tract.

The Tagger

He wants to promote his business or cause. Instead of asking his friends to "share" his posts or "like" his videos, he tags them like crazy. He has essentially hijacked their pages and forced them to advertise for him. Not all your friends support everything you do. Don't take advantage of their page by tagging them in a photo or video they aren't in just to get a few more clicks. You'll make enemies not friends.

The Photo Thief

You start receiving add requests from people you have never met before. You ask why that person is trying to add you and find out that they saw a pic of you on someone else's page. You go to that person's page and find a pic of you in your pj's holding your baby. How disturbing is that? Your profile is private and a "friend" steals your private photo and posts it on their public profile. You have to find out about it from a pervert trying to make you his jump off. The fact that you have access to your friend's photos, does not make them yours. You have no legal or moral right to these personal photos, especially if the profile the pictures are on is private. Never steal pictures from someone's page and put them on yours without permission, especially photos of children. Maybe someone at Facebook should come up with a way to secure photos on private pages.

The Proofreader

We all have one in our friends list. The Proofreader is that friend that spell and grammar checks every one of your status updates, comments and notes. It's a social networking site. No one cares about spelling or grammar. You're irritating everyone, stop it.

The Moral Compass

Like The Proofreader, The Moral Compass is constantly editing your status, notes, and comments. Instead of spelling and grammar they are editing your language, your actions, your pictures. They start telling you to watch what you're saying and criticize your drunken bar photos. The Moral Compass needs to learn to live and let live. If what you read or see on your friend's page is so offensive to you, "unfriend" them or unsubscribe to their news feed. Don't stifle your friend's self-expression.

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