Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Naked Preggo

The web is all a buzz with the nude photos of pregnant Mariah. As usual these naked memories were shared with the world and swiftly compared to the iconic Demi Moore poses when she was pregnant with Rumor. There's just one problem, Demi Moore wasn't the first. She wasn't even the second.

The first to pose naked was Patti LaBelle, Miss Lady Marmalade herself. The next to bare it all was Olympic Gymnast Nadia Comaneci. She posed with a large snake, possibly python or boa constrictor. Immediately following that then racy photo was Demi Moore, Lisa Bonet, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Claudia Schiffer, Orlando Bloom's wife (do we really care what her name is?), and Mariah Carey. I'm sure the order is jumbled after Demi Moore and I am positive I left out a few.

But it's time to stop giving Mrs. Kutcher all of the credit for these rarely tasteful, mostly gag worthy, profit mongering photos. It started with Patti LaBelle. God help us, let it end with Mariah Carey.

Update, Thanks for your
help Baby Bumpers and Gen Xers:
The first naked preggo cover as Patti LaBelle some time in the 60's.

Circa 1991 Nadia Comaneci posed nude with a boa constrictor. She was NOT pregnant. However, Lisa Bonet, the next in line was. There was an uproar about it because she was preggo and nude, a Cosby kid, and there was concern about the baby due to the way the snake was wrapped around her.

Next was Demi Moore covered in paint then Demi Moore preggo and snake.

Yet another update!
This is really fun now. There is an unofficial competition between the generations trying to prove who was first and who didn't pose at all. Here's what's new.

We have Melissa Gilbert in Us Magazine in May 1988, Lisa Bonet about 2 to 5 months along on the cover of Rolling Stone in 1988. Both were before Demi Moore in August of 1991. But Gen Xers had the Nadia Comaneci one wrong. It was Nastassja Kinski. How could we get that one wrong? I have no clue. Could it be that we were but tweens and were traumatized? Or could it be that she had black hair? No clue but we were wrong about that one. Now, could the Baby Bumpers be wrong about Miss LaBelle? To be continued...


  1. Isn't it Nastassja Kinski who posed nude with a python? And I don't think she was pregnant.

  2. And then there's Miranda Kerr....

  3. This little treasure hunt is exciting. I have never had so many emails. In the end, these photos are so common that the world's first pregnant man posed too.