Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back To School Behavioral Guide For Elementary School

By now your child is either back in school or on his way to school. There are a slew of new kindergartners and 1st graders that are coming from some sort of daycare or preschool. If you have always been a working mom before now you and your child will be hopelessly conformed to the ways of your daycare provider. But now that your child is in elementary school, things are definitely different. If your child is entering elementary school or switching to a new elementary school this guide is for you.

Attendance- Daycare and preschools aren't sticklers for time unless you are late picking up your child. At elementary school, it is mandatory to drop off and pick up your child on time. If you leave your child on school grounds there is no guarantee that he will be supervised until you break through traffic. If your child is late, there is no late fee. You are negatively impacting his education and disrupting the education process of the other students in class. Be on time. Rearrange your schedule if necessary.

Dress code- At preschool and daycare it was a matter of safety. No sandals, or socks must be worn at all times, or no jewelry. At elementary school there is an actual dress code. No shorts after the last Friday in October, or something else to that effect. When you register your child for school there will be information available in the front office on the dress code. Make sure you acquire this document before you go back to school shopping.

Diet- In preschool you can give specifics about what and when your child eats a meal. But this is elementary school. Your child's teacher will walk your child to the lunch room and divide the hot lunchers from the brown baggers to ensure everyone is receiving lunch. Then, they take their own lunches. Don't bother your child's teacher with anything other than a food allergy. Your teacher will not be available to monitor sugar intake or lunch box temperature. You will need to take care of this on your own. Don't stress over the nutrition of the food offered at school. If you give your child a healthy breakfast and a healthy dinner and after school snack, that one unhealthy lunch won't harm them.

Homework- Your child won't be used to having homework. Make sure that when you meet your child's teacher to ask about the delivery of homework assignments. You don't want to find out after the fact that you were supposed to be reading a board on the classroom wall for the assignment instead of looking in your child's backpack. Don't count on your child to remember he has homework.

Bus stops- It's so easy to feel that your child is safe because there are other parents at the bus stop as well as other children. But consider this, if someone snatches your child, do you really expect a stranger to leave his child behind to chase down your own? Stay at the bus stop with your child until they are 13 or older. They may not like it, but most bus stop kidnappings are of elementary and middle school children. The more parents standing at a bus stop in the morning the less likely a kidnapping or assault will be.

Lefty- Make sure to tell your child's teacher that you want him to stay left handed before his first class. Most teachers will work with you. Help your teacher out by reinforcing the left hand at home with worksheets.

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