Friday, August 19, 2011

Everything Housewives Need To Know About Wine

Here are some quick tips and easy guides to wines and their pairings. My favorite white wine is Pinot Grigio and my favorite red wine is Merlot.

What's your favorite?

Appropriate Wine Temperature

Type Of Wine Fahrenheit
Sparkling 42 to 54
Sherry (Light) 48 to 58
Red 57 to 68
Fortified (Port) 57 to 68
Sherry (Dark) 57 to 68

For red wines, you should remove the cork about an hour before you drink it.

White wines tend to diminish in quality the longer you keep the bottle open at room temperature. Uncork just before you serve to your guests.

If your wine sparkles, pour it down the side of the glass to protect the precious bubbles. If your wine is still, pour it in the center of the glass to let the bouquet permeate the vessel and float upward. Never fill a glass more than two-thirds or even halfway for some. If you plan to sample many wines throughout the course of a meal, serve even less than that per glass.

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