Thursday, October 27, 2011

International Delight Cinnabon Creamer Review

I have never been a fan of Cinnabon. There isn't anything wrong with it. I simply am not a big sweets or pastries fan. I know, I am a very odd woman. Nevertheless, I am a fan of the smell. That cinnamon, that sugar and frosting. I can taste the smell. I love to walk into Cinnabon just to walk out with the smell pouring off of my hair and clothing. So when International Delight aired a commercial with two new flavors, Almond Joy and Cinnabon, I had to try it. The Almond Joy creamer is not one that I will review as the thought of coconut makes me wretch. 

The cost of the creamer was pretty typical of all of the International Delight creamers. Of course the size was smaller than those of the Coffeemate variety. But I enjoyed their Caramel Macchiato and White Mocha creamer a little too much. Surely this one is a pleaser. 

Unfortunately, it was not. It took a considerable amount of creamer to even taste the flavor of the creamer. Keep in mind that I am using Kirkland 100% Columbian coffee. It has the smell of Cinnabon but not the taste. So I poured more. It took twice as much creamer to taste the Cinnabon flavor. Depending on the size of your cup of coffee there are only about 4 servings of creamer in the bottle because of the weak flavor. 

I say, skip it. Buy a Cinnabon and eat it whilst drinking your coffee instead. Otherwise, you should have a weaker coffee like Folgers to pour it into. You won't need as much to taste the flavor.

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