Friday, July 24, 2015

Cantu Natural Curling Cream Review

I began using this product as it was recommended by friend of mine. She has fine hair with tight, deep waves. I have thick, coarse, curly hair that is always dry and frizzy. The only product that seems to work on my hair is pure coconut oil. The problem is, when my hair is dry and brittle, it makes my hair greasy until it soaks in. Depending on when I apply it, a lot of it rubs off before it can fully be soaked into my hair and scalp. Most troublesome is the price and the accessibility to it in the first place.

My friend was over for the weekend and began using it on her hair. It smelled divine and I wanted to know what it was. It was Cantu Natural Hair Curling Cream. Usually I don't take her advice on products because they leave my hair extremely greasy and perfumed but not moisturized. But I noticed that this product seemed to activate her waves. So I bought some for $5.99 at Target, to use on my daughter's hair. She has silky curly hair like singer Jordan Sparks on a recent Excedrin commercial. I applied it in small amount to her dry hair first. Her hair smelled great for days. It immediately moisturized her brittle ends and dry scalp. Her hair was shiny, soft but not greasy to the touch. But, it did absolutely nothing for her curls. I found I had to wet her hair to activate the curls first, them use the cream. But the cream prevented shrinkage while defining her curls at the same time. She even noticed the difference. She carried herself a little differently after I used it the second time.

I ran out of coconut oil one day and had to await my Ebay shipment. I was desperate and needed some of my daughter's hair cream. Again, my hair smelled great for days. It was greasy for the first day and a half. But by the third day it was no longer greasy. Also, my hair was no longer brittle or crunchy. It was so soft and easy to twist and braid. I have very frizzy hair. I found that the cream immediately curled my hair in the way that coarse curly hair often responds to water. Which for me meant immediate shrinkage. But I was wearing my hair in a peasant braid and later twists. So the style stretched out my hair. After taking down the twists to wash my hair, I found the pattern was better set in my hair. I didn't have to leave the twists in as long to set the waves. But I also found that the twist out didn't last as long. My hair began to shrink, so much so that the wave and curl pattern became pure frizz. My hair was healthier and beautifully repaired, but the shrinkage was a problem.

I will continue to use this product for my daughter. I will probably use it if I haven't been adequately moisturizing my own hair. I may even use it after shampooing to immediately moisturize it. But I won't use it beyond that for styling. I will stick with my coconut oil as it doesn't cause curl shrinkage.

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