Monday, July 20, 2015

Zodiac at a Glance: Leo


Born between July 23 and August 22


Cancer/Leo cusps tend to be a bit more moody, self-centered, and nurturing. Leo/Virgo cusps tend to be more organized, blunt, and intolerant.

The Good

What you see is what you get with a Leo. You will never wonder if a Leo is interested in you or not. They are forward if not downright blatant. They are nurturing, free range parents who will destroy anyone who threatens their children. They are the most loyal of the zodiac. They would never cheat on you unless you cheat first. And even then, they would be ashamed of having done so. They are masters at code switching and are capable of making a positive impression with anyone with whom they come into contact. They are extremely multi-talented. They are generous, helpful, loving, honest and sensitive. It is impossible to be depressed in their company. Although dominant, they prefer a more submissive love making style. Even when they are on top, they want you to take charge. Submissive does not mean they aren't aggressive. They fear no one.

The Bad

Leos have no reason to lie because they aren't afraid of anyone. This means they are brutally honest when they really should be more diplomatic. They are the royalty of the zodiac and they expect you to just deal with your reality and will lack compassion if you are having difficulty with coping. You will always know how a Leo feels or what one thinks because they won't shut up. Sometimes they can be so blunt and in your face, all you want to do is back away from them. Their light is so bright, it burns. They are so loyal, that they are easily made jealous. You must compliment them and only them. Remember, they are your king or queen, everyone else is beneath you. So charming, or flirting or cheating with someone else is a brutal insult for which you will never be forgiven. They are the "Jack of all trades and the master of none". For all their talents, they master none of them. They desperately need you to help them focus as a royal council advises the king and queen. Both male and females make great parents, allowing their children to be who they are, but are also helicopter parents. They are hands on to a point where they may homeschool a child or offer to teach at the child's school because they believe the teacher to be substandard. Even if she isn't. They can be too sensitive. Everything is potentially an insult, every action, every failure to act. If you want a lover to please you and only you, you may be frustrated with a Leo. A Leo woman on top is focused on herself and expects you to focus on her as well. Your climax is secondary. The same goes for a Leo man.

Best Match

Leo - No one understands a King like a queen. Equally yoked all around.

Aries - But only if the woman is the Leo. An Aries man will not cheat, nor will he tolerate it. He will guide her and let her shine at the same time. They are a power couple. Neither is forgiving of adultery. Neither will settle for anything other than success.

Cancer - But only if the Man is the Leo. A Cancer woman will submit to the Leo man. He will shower her with gifts, love, and affection. He expects her to stay home and care for the children and she is happy to play that role. Cancer is both dominant and submissive in bed, knowing when to take over in all aspects of their lives.

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