Monday, July 20, 2015

Zodiac at a Glance: Cancer


Born between June 21and July 22


Being born on the cusp means you were born on June 21 or July 22nd. You may embody some of the preceding or succeeding signs. Gemini / Cancer cusp may make you more moody than other Cancers. Cancer / Leo cusp may make you more self-centered or heightening your need to nurture or parent.

The Good

Cancers are great at keeping secrets, yours as well as their own. They are loyal to you, especially in public, even when you are wrong because they are very image conscious. They are protective of themselves, partners and family. They are very sympathetic and make the perfect shoulder to cry on. They are wonderfully supportive parents who put their children first. They have a healthy sexual appetite that may include being both submissive and dominant. Female Cancers make great allies as they will protect and support you by manipulating and destroying your enemies. The enemy of their friend is their enemy. Female Cancers also make great mothers and housewives. All Cancers are creative and emotionally connected to those around them. You will never feel alone with a Cancer.

The Bad

Although loyal, an unhappy Cancer will cheat on you. They don't like to be alone and will therefore set up the next relationship before leaving the one they're in. They will remain in bad relationships because to them, it's better than being alone. They are so secretive they will lie even when they don't need to do so. They keep clear lines drawn between friends, family and lovers because they don't want anyone talking or comparing notes. They are controlling, manipulative and territorial. Because they want to keep secrets, and keep you to themselves, and don't want to be alone. They are the most conniving of the zodiac as there is no lie they won't tell.

Cancers are also extremely lazy. They must be constantly motivated and gently coaxed into getting the job done. They must be convinced it was their idea all along. This laziness is what makes female Cancers great parents and housewives as they would rather stay home with the children than go to work. However, this makes Cancer fathers irresponsible. They expect the woman to care for the children and often check out of the parenting task altogether. Cancers hold grudges which causes moodiness. They hold everything inside, causing surprise fights over previously resolved issues.

Best Match

Capricorn - Equally manipulative, strong sense of family, secretive and responsible, image conscious.

Pisces - Equally manipulative, image conscious, spiritually and emotionally in tune.

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