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AdoreMe Review

Every order arrives in a box and tissue paper.
I have been a customer since 2013. I am reviewing the service and the concept of AdoreMe in this post. For reviews of actual purchases, stay tuned on Instagram for photos and comments.

When I first heard about AdoreMe through Facebook I was leery. Most ads I have clicked on in Facebook have turned out to be scams or genuine companies with poor service. AdoreMe was advertised as a monthly lingerie service with no membership fee. If you are familiar with JustFab.com then you are familiar with this sort of service. I was extremely unhappy with JustFab.com (all stripper shoes, no class), so I wasn't too excited about AdoreMe. The basics are: You can purchase only one set of lingerie at a time and have no commitment. Or, you can become a VIP. As a VIP you are required to make a purchase every month. But that was supposed to come with some perks. You are given a discount, you can skip a month, and you get access to special gifts that non-VIP users are not offered.

The deciding factors for my first purchase were the fact that all of the bras and panties came as a matching set. I hate mismatched lingerie. I also liked the free shipping on orders and returns. In 2013, the first order came in a nice box and every order thereafter came in a pack envelope. I didn't like that but whatever keeps the cost down. In 2014, every order came in a box. It's petty, but it really makes receiving lingerie in the mail nice.

Rosalind - Would you pay $39.95 for this shirt?
The prices weren't bad either. When I joined as a VIP in 2013, the non-VIP price was $39.95 per set. The VIP price was $29.95 per set. By January of 2014, non-VIP was $49.95 per set, and VIP was $39.95 per set. That was a drawback for me but I still enjoyed the matching sets. Based on the prices at Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood, this is still comparable. However, there are times when the prices are ridiculous. There are short robes for $49.95, Pantyhose for $39.95, and an AdoreMe sleepshirt for $39.95. Remember Macklemore? "Yo, that's $50 for a t-shirt." But if you purchase 5 items, you get one free. This is not, place five orders, this is five items. You can earn a free set on your first purchase like I did. They attempted to change this feature a few months ago and switch to a points system. They made a wise decision to switch back. I use my free set to purchase items like the sleep shirts and robes and costumes. Anything that I feel is ridiculously overpriced, I use my free set on.

I liked the VIP perks. There were IPhone covers, lingerie bags, masks, and free panties that supposedly only VIP customers had access to. My friend is not a VIP customer and received all of the same gifts I did. Dishonest and disappointing.

I am a woman who replaces her lingerie every six months like clockwork. I am a large busted woman. My figure is often described as a figure 8. My bra size was always out of stock at the mall. When I first joined AdoreMe, my size 38FF was always in stock. That is no longer the case. I lost some weight over the last 6-8 months. I am now down to a 38DD. This has made things worse. Apparently, all AdoreMe customers are 38DD. So my size is rarely in stock. When your size is rarely in stock in the style you want, it's easier to choose not to purchase anything at all. This is disappointing because their style collection is actually better than what you see in the mall. But I kept my membership because I regularly replace my lingerie, keeping the subscription makes this easier.

Matilda - fits great, bursts open easily.
The sleepwear is high quality. On the months where the bra and panty sets are not available in my size, I order sleepwear. But there is a problem. AdoreMe is inclusive of full figured women. The sleepwear fits everywhere except the bust. I am literally bursting out of some of the sleepwear. This is not a size issue but a "heavy breast" issue. Lace babydolls collapse under my breasts. Button front tops burst open without warning. But they are very, very comfortable. Aside from the poor quality of the lace, my pajamas from 2013 are as new as the day I bought them. If only they sold shoes to go with the pajamas. 

Initially, I loved that AdoreMe had a great selection of plus size lingerie. In fact, the same lingerie for the A cup woman was available for the II cup woman. That has not changed. There is no size shaming by only making styles available to smaller women. However, depending on the style, the bras and the pajamas cannot hold up the weight of a larger busted woman. Larger breasts aren't just bigger, they're heavier. I have found that their lace is not well suited for busty women. Nothing made of lace is for anyone above a C cup. The lace lingerie easily tears and bursts at the seams, even in the correct size. Corsets and corset top bras have acrylic boning which collapses and digs into your skin. I have several black bruises from my corset tops. Needless to say, I don't purchase them anymore.

Then there is the customer service. I have a serious issue with customer service. If you don't make a purchase by the 5th of every month, as a VIP, your bank account will be charged. They don't tell you that this has happened or send an alert that your deadline to make a purchase is expiring. So, for months I was receiving emails telling me that I had a store credit. But what was really happening is that I was shopping the day after the deadline and being issued store credit for the $49.95 that had been charged to my account. I let the store credit role over thinking it was just a free credit in appreciation for my business. On average I spent $150 per order. When I finally used my store credit, I realized, I was spending my own money. I also noticed unauthorized charges to my account. True it was only a penny or a dollar, but an unauthorized charge is an unauthorized charge. The service rep says that they do this to verify my account is still open so they can charge it again. But I have never received those pennies or dollars back. That adds up. I have since switched my account over to another card and reverse any unauthorized charges, even if it is a penny. The reps are not polite when you call. They seem irritated that you are calling them in the first place. However, if you call and ask for style advice, they are quite pleasant. If you attempt to review their products on their Facebook page and they don't like your review, they will harass you by email and not post your response.

Overall, I would keep my subscription to AdoreMe because of the following: the prices are still better than the mall, the styles are unique and better than the mall, my size is available more often than not, I will always have a matching set, my 6th set is free, and I can cancel at anytime. But if another company provides the same with better customer service, I will dump AdoreMe with the quickness. There is no one else out there that can compete...yet.

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