Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Valentine's Day Weekend With No Sitter

Valentine's day is on a Saturday. This not only means you are more inclined to romance but also it means that your sitter is also planning a hot and steamy night. Your children are not invited to either event. Those are the breaks when you become a parent. Here's what my family and I have planned. Maybe you can come up with your own version of our plan to still get the best out of your night. 

The Night Before

Lucky for you, Valentine's day is after Friday the 13th. This date is an unofficial holiday for horror fans like my family. We will be spending the night having a horror movie marathon complete with chocolate, skull shaped lava cakes, with cherry filling. My children are awesome little troopers who happen to love Edgar Allan Poe. So their bedtime story will be The Tell Tale Heart. If we don't find any horror movies we want to see, we will make it a "bloody valentine" night by filling our water guns with red, Crayola, washable paint and water mix and letting off some steam. If it's too cold, which it may be, we will gather around the fireplace and tell ghost stories. Everyone gets a chance to tell a scary story.

The Day 

My husband has Valentine's day off from work. My children will already be at a friend's house that day because of a combination of karate, boy scouts and school projects that are due that Monday. My husband and I will take advantage of that free time and celebrate during the day as if it were the night. We're having lunch instead of dinner, plenty of roses and wine, and maybe some romance before he has to go pick up the kids. Celebrating during the day, may not be your cup of tea, but it will certainly prove the old adage to be true. Foreplay can last all day.

The Night

There are four of us in our family, not including the dog. We will be exchanging valentines, candy and one gift per person. It will be a lot like Christmas in February. A big rich dinner sure to give the kids "itis", and send them to bed early. This is when all of that foreplay pays off. Once the kids are out cold, close all the bedroom doors and turn up the heat. Break out the lingerie and Valentine's day playlist. Don't forget the candle wax and more wine.

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