Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Huggies Supreme Snugglers Vs Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Review

There are new mom's everywhere trying to decide which diaper will work best. If you check the product reviews online you will be just as lost as you were before. Sometimes the product reviews on the store websites are not at all useful because the reviewer either didn't follow directions or was upset with the shipping. As a result they grade the product low. Here there is no ratings system. I will only share with you my personal experience with the product and precisely what conditions I used it under.

The Huggies Supreme Snugglers aren't actually a new product of Huggies. They had the same diaper out at least 4 1/2 years ago. I know this because I used them on my first born. Then they called it Dry Weave or something to that effect. I remember loving the umbilical cord cut out and the indicator stripe that helped me determine it was time to change the diaper. I didn't like the leakage. My 4 year old was a formula fed baby at the time. For those who need to know, this means he had more excrement than a breastfed baby and it was closer to the consistency as excrement he made once he switched to baby food. I don't remember ever using the indicator stripe because when I would lift my son, I'd find excrement up his back, on his crib, on me. At first it leaked from the thighs, I then assumed that I had the wrong size. I went to the store and found a tighter fit. This prevented the leaks from the sides but not the leaking up the back. Again I presumed that I was the problem. I fastened the diapers tighter and kept track of when he needed to be changed. This was in case he was going in the same diaper twice, thus causing the leak. There were still leaks. This was beyond frustrating. I attempted to switch to Pampers, the same brand they gave me in the hospital, but my size was never in stock. This lead me to Luvs. There were no more leaks.

That was 4 years ago. What brought me back to Huggies once again, size availability. I have a 3 month old, exclusively breastfed baby. She was 1 month old at the time. I was using Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive size 1 with the indicator stripe. Target is my local store. They ran out of her size in the Sensitive. Sensitive is the only one with the stripe. Although I am a second time mom, that stripe keeps me from having to stick my finger in the diaper to be sure. I turned around and on the opposing shelf was an abundance of Huggies Supreme Snugglers. I found my size with ease. The price was the same, $19.79 a box. I bought an 84 count box. For the same price I bought 92 of the Pampers. This diaper felt more reassuring right out of the box. It felt more plush, had a cord cutout and the indicator stripe was twice as dark. In the middle of the night when I am only half awake, I need it to be easy to know if my baby is wet. With the Pampers I have made the mistake of changing a diaper that wasn't wet because there is a design line that is a darker green that the yellow indicator line turns. The Huggies stripe is already a darker green that's even darker when wet.

Another feature about both diapers is they pull the wetness away from the baby's body. As a result, you will swear that the baby's diaper is wet on the outside. It isn't. Immediately, I found that the Pampers kept my baby dryer. The Huggies had a much better fit than the Pampers. Perhaps this was the problem. There was no room for air in the Huggies diaper so maybe that was why she stayed wet. The diaper handled the pee with ease. Then came her first poopie diaper of the night, it went up her back. I'd say she had about 1.5 to 2 ozs of excrement. It went straight up her back. Since it was the middle of the night, I didn't wash her bedding. I simply changed the bedding and her clothes and got her back to sleep. It was very hard removing the mustard yellow stains in the morning. My husband and I persisted with the diapers to no avail. Each and every diaper in that box leaked. We couldn't wait to run out so we could replace them with the Pampers brand.

The Verdict

The Pampers is the brand hospitals use for a reason. You get more for your money. The indicator stripe may not be dark but it is there nonetheless. They may not have a tailored fit but my baby stayed dry and most importantly, no leaks.

4 years ago I called the Huggies company to complain. Their explanation was that until my baby switched to solids this would continue to happen. They sent out about 8 manufacturer's coupons for free diapers. You may still be able to do this today. If you truly feel that the Huggies brand is better for you then call the company to report the leaks. If you aren't having this problem, call anyway and ask for a coupon.

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