Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What You Don't Need In Your Baby Registry

Congratulations! You're pregnant with your first child or your first in years. People will come at you from all angles to tug at your sentimental nerve, causing you to buy anything and everything. Here's a secret, most of that stuff is unnecessary. Understand that the moment you fill out the information on your baby registry, you have been set up. They ask you if you are having your first baby. This tells them that you are suffering from "I have to be a perfect mom" syndrome. If you have more than one child they tap into your rusty memory by asking for the birth dates of your other children. This tells them how long it has been since your last child and how likely you are to fall for the okie doke. Here are some tips to help you out.

1. Stay away from specialty stores

Babies R Us , Maternity, Motherhood, and other baby and mom specific stores may make shopping easier but they are guaranteed to charge more. If you really want a successful baby shower register at place with reasonable prices such as Target. If the people on your list see how accessible and financially feasible your registry is they are more likely to purchase more on the list.

2. No Furniture

Furniture is scary. It requires a decorating taste and a lot of money. They crib and the dressers are all a permanent part of the nursery. No one wants to make an expensive purchase like that for a baby that hasn't arrived. These gifts are best left for your parents, siblings and in-laws to purchase.

3. Diaper Genie

You don't need to add any new expenses to your list right now. The Diaper Genie does as it promises but you have to buy the replacement cartridges. Simply make your own diaper genie using plastic grocery bags. You can toss the bags away with ease as opposed to accumulating a looong, twisted mass of diapers. Imagine what that diaper will look and smell like when you open the Diaper Genie to empty it. Follow these obviously simply instructions

4. Cutesy outfits

You want your sweetie pie to be the cutest baby in town with the best and cutest clothing. Save your money for the first 3 months. They grow so fast that it can be impossible for the baby to wear all that is in their closet. Newborns rarely need or should take a bath because they aren't getting dirty. You will find yourself leaving your baby in gowns, onesies, and sleepers most of the time. There also isn't a guarantee that the baby will fit the clothes out of the womb. You should also keep in mind that the clothing that is on sale during your shower is from the prior season. It may not be weather appropriate by the time your baby is born.

5. Baby Swing

Believe me when I say that God himself built this invention and delivered it from heaven. It is the perfect solution for a colicky baby. However, newborns have no problem whatsoever sleeping. They are growing and adjusting to the world. Around 3 months is when they become more aware of their world and may need more help sleeping. Until then, stick to sleeper sacks and cocoons.

6. Super Duper Fashion Diaper Bag

You want to be the coolest milf on the block so you ask for the most expensive and stylish bag. The reality is that the really great hobo or large bag you already have makes a good diaper bag. Any bag big enough to hold diapers, a change of clothes, bottles, changing pad, wipes, burp cloth or nursing cover is the right diaper bag for you.

7. Fancy Spa Tub

You've seen them on the home page of the registry and they look amazing. They come with spray hoses, bubbles, and the works. All you need is a basic bathtub that goes from newborn to toddler. Many babies don't like the extras. Your pediatrician will likely tell you that you need to get your baby in and out of the tub. No soaking is necessary.

8. Johnson's Baby Shampoo

Because your baby is still shedding the layer of skin they had in the womb, his hair isn't in desperate need to be washed. Johnson's does have a head to toe body wash that makes the shampoo obsolete. Around the age of 3 months, after his hair has changed texture a bit you will want to choose your baby shampoo carefully as it pertains to the hair type.

Now that you've deleted the unnecessary from your list replace it with everything else you need.

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