Monday, December 13, 2010

Trop 50 review

I was watching my usual television smut when I saw a commercial for Tropicana's new drink Trop 50. The commercial was quite entertaining and it starred Jane Krakowski, most known for Ally McBeal and most recently known as the answer for a Jeopardy question. The selling point for this drink is that it has the same great taste as regular Tropicana orange juice with only half the calories and sugar.

(See the latest commercial here)

I went to SaveMart where it was on sale, half a gallon bottles were 2 for $5. Not a bad price since my favorite juice is Simply Orange and it was almost $4 per bottle. I should have read the packaging a little more closely. First of all, Trop 50 isn't orange juice. It says right on the packaging that it is an "orange drink." Upon closer inspection on the label I see that there is only 49% juice in the product. So what was the other 51%?

Once I brought it home I had been craving orange juice as if I were pregnant again. I open the bottle and find a strange substance collecting on the lid. I read the label again and saw that it was pulp free. I look at the substance again and realized that the gooey, thick, orange residue was actually the concentrate. "No biggy" I thought. I shook the bottle and poured a glass. My first sip was greatly disappointing. It tasted like watered down Tampico punch. The orange flavored one This is not an exaggeration. However, I found the following fact to be more interesting. The more I drank, the more it began to taste like a diet orange juice and then just an orange juice. I also found myself extremely thirsty, which is why I kept drinking more.

The Verdict

I will stick to the real orange juice and cut my sugar elsewhere.

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