Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dirty Red: Lingerie Questions Answered

What's a corset? How do I buy the right size and what else should I buy my wife to go with it?

The most common and well-known use of corsets is to slim the body and make it conform to a fashionable silhouette. For women this most frequently emphasizes a curvy figure, by reducing the waist and thereby exaggerating the bust and hips.

An overbust corset covers the bust, waist and hips. They sometimes come with shoulder straps.

An underbust corset begins just under the breasts and extends down to the hips.

Corsets come with garters, little clips that hook to hosiery or bustles or even skirts. Most corsets come with matching panties, thongs being the most popular. If you are buying a corset for your wife check for garters. If it has garters just add hosiery, if not you will need a garter belt to go with the hosiery. Matching panties aren't necessary but they would complete the look.

Hosiery would be according to taste. Fishnet thigh-highs are the most popular. The average or bold woman prefers black. A woman into the 50's may prefer smooth thigh-highs with seams. If your wife comes off as sweet, shy or innocent she may prefer white hosiery with lace.

To ensure the right size without giving away your gift surprise, snatch a bra and a fitted t-shirt belonging to your wife. This will tell you what her cup size and waist size is. It is important to note what type of bra you've nabbed, demi, full, etc.

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