Friday, January 14, 2011

Game Day Essential

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

We all know that TABASCO® Original Red goes great with scrambled eggs, mac and cheese, and even popcorn. College students everywhere are responsible for the spicy Top Ramen flavors. A few splashes of TABASCO® Original Red and you had something that tasted much more delicious than anything that could come from that little foil seasoning packet. Look up seafood gumbo recipes and you may be surprised to find TABASCO® Original Red replacing Louisiana hot sauce in the recipe for the roux. That's because TABASCO® Original Red is more about flavor than heat. It's such a delightfully simple concoction made of salt, red pepper and vinegar and aged for 3 years. Still it goes so well with every thing. I'm sure you all remember when TABASCO® Original Red was added to A-1 sauce. The spicy steak sauce was constantly sold out. Not surprisingly, TABASCO® Original Red goes with pretty much every Game Day recipe that your guests will want to see on the table.

Pizza Perfected

You can sprinkle it on the pizza you may have gone half on with your guests. I like it on chicken pizza. It enhances the flavors without changing or overpowering them like Louisiana hot sauces can do. Unlike the Louisiana hot sauces, one drop really does do it. Pizza with TABASCO® Original Red is a great time saver if you  don't feel like making Buffalo wings. You will have started a new Super Bowl tradition that doesn't involve cooking. TABASCO® Original Red packs such a flavorful punch you can actually buy a cheaper pizza and make it taste better with a few splashes per slice. All you need is a $5 pizza, TABASCO® and some ranch.

Buffalo Wings:

Buffalo wings is one of those few recipes where TABASCO® Original Red and Louisiana hot sauce actually work together. You can't have authentic Buffalo wings without TABASCO® Original Red. But just in case you want a little variety in your Game Day party wing platter, the Taste Tent at has you covered with 6 different recipes. In fact, there's a great Game-Day Party Menu featuring all of your favorite finger foods and chili.

TABASCO® Original Red isn't just the favorite of all 6 TABASCO® flavors. It's also a frequently listed ingredient in cookbooks that catalog your cupboard must haves.

So stock up before Game Day and don't forget the Bloody Marys or the TNT shots (Tequila, lime & TABASCO® Original Red instead of salt).

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