Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sewing Project: His Team

You're his biggest fan. It's time to show your team spirit with a personalized jersey dress. There are several ways to go about this project. No matter which route you choose you will surely leave him cheering for more. Even a man that isn't into sports loves the way a woman looks wearing a jersey dress. If he is a sports fan, particularly an NFL fan he would stand up and do the wave for you if you sexify a jersey from his favorite team. Here are some ideas.

  1. Go to to customize a jersey with his name on the back of his favorite team jersey. When it arrives alter the dress to make it as sexy and as personal as you can. For instance, my husband is a Raiders fan. I have a jersey with his first name on the back and the number 07 on the back to represent our wedding date. I cut open the sides of the ribbon and tailored it to fit. Instead of sewing the dress closed I laced the sides with black ribbon. I wear it every Raiders game.
  2. Go to a uniform shop that makes jerseys for local leagues and have one custom made for you.
  3. Go to a fabric store like Joann's and make one from scratch. Don't forget the iron-on lettering and numbers. Get creative. Use numbers and words that means something only the two of you will know about. Don't forget the heels.
  4. Buy a jersey dress from sports store or at

This is a great thing to wear for Game-Day, St. Valentine's Day and role playing. The whole cheerleading thing can get a little worn out. But a strip tease in a jersey on Game-Day never gets old or forgotten.

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