Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blockbuster Vs Netflix Round 1

By request I have started a free trial with Blockbuster to compare with Netflix. Here are my findings as of today. 

Customer Service

Blockbuster- Answered my call within 30 seconds, Took his time explaining he services to me, offered me the 30 day free trial, pronounced my name correctly. 

Netflix-Answered my call in 7mins 20 seconds, listened to my questions, answered them in a concise matter, tried to be personal with me ("i'm excited about that too", "I can't wait"), pronounced my name incorrectly and left off part of my last name immediately after I said it for him, told me a price that conflicted with the website.

DVD only service

Blockbuster- 2 DVD's at one time, unlimited rentals, new releases before Netflix, able to exchange my movies in the store rather than wait on them in the mail, video games and Blue-Ray are included at no extra charge. 


Netflix- 2 DVD's at one time, unlimited rentals, wait on new releases, cannot exchange in the store, video games not available for another 3-6 weeks, there will be an extra charge for approximately $3.00 more per month, Blue-Ray is an extra $3.00 a month.

$17.99/month in theory with Blue-Ray and video game options

Streaming only service

Blockbuster-Currently not available, offers On Demand Pay Per View, cannot stream through video game console, On Demand only available on limited devices, movie is only available 24 hours.

$1.99 to $9.99 depending on the movie.

Netflix-Streaming is unlimited, one flat rate, streams through video game consoles and more devices than Blockbuster, no time limit on movies. 


My conclusion, as it stands, my plan is to use Blockbuster for their DVD only option and Netflix for their streaming only option. If Blockbuster offers streaming I will drop Netflix immediately. Until then this will be my proposed method. It's no different than using to websites and have two charges from Nteflix and Qwikster anyway.

Round 1-Tie

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