Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Halloween Jars

I know that it is too early for Halloween but it's one of my favorite holidays and I like to prepare early. One of my annual crafts are Halloween jars. There are many different versions and uses for this craft making it the perfect family craft. 

Halloween Ghosts

You will need mason, sauce, or condiment jars and acrylic paint with brushes. You will also need tea light candles or a line of white, green or orange lights (Christmas lights).

Carefully peel the label off of the jars making the stickiest part the back of the jar. Paint your jar completely on the outside whatever color you want. If it's a ghost paint it white. If it's Frankenstein paint it green. Make sure the layer of paint is thin enough for the light to show through. I like to light the candle first and drop into the jar before I paint so I can see if the light shines through. Leave the lid off. 

Icky Jars

You will need green jello, hard boiled eggs, gummy worms or spaghetti and vienna sausage. Paint is optional.

This is a game I played when I went to Halloween parties when I was younger. Fill the jars with jello and drop an egg in one, worms in the other, and 3 to 5 sausages in the other. If your haunted house is dark then you won't need to wrap or paint the jars. Have each kid stick their hand in the jar with their eyes closed and have them guess what's in it or tell them what you want them to believe is in it. The egg is the eyeball, the sausage is the finger etc. 

Wiccan Herbal Gift
Halloween is New Years to the Wiccans of the world. Give them the gift of the harvest or new beginnings. Halloween is a harvest holiday. You can fill the jars with harvested herbs like Mandrake for healing, chamomile for relaxation, basil for success etc. Be sure to label them. If you want to give the gift of new beginnings plant herb seeds in the jars with soil and label them. They will have their own herb garden.

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