Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Netflix Apology

If you are a Netflix subscriber you no doubt have received or will receive a lengthy email from CEO and Co-Founder Reed Hastings. You can go to the Netflix blog to read it if you are not a subscriber. But in summation, it apologizes for the delivery method of the rate increases rather than the rate increases themselves. After some lengthy, apologetic rambling about not choosing a better way to notify us, it was announced in the very same manner that he was apologizing for, that Netflix is dividing its company. Here's the situation...

The rate increases will remain because supposedly they need more revenue to support the dvd mailers. (in reality they just don't want us to order DVD's anymore because the industry has given priority to Blockbuster).

There will now be a video game option available for those who choose the DVD only option. Of course this comes at an extra charge. I have not investigated the charge yet but I suspect it may be cheaper than having Netflix and Gamefly together. 

The name of the DVD only option is now Qwikster. 

There will be two charges to your account now if you are a streaming and DVD option subscriber. 

The Qwikster website isn't up yet but you will not be able to manage both your streaming and DVD options on one website anymore. 

In short, this letter makes everything worse!!

Why would I pay more for games with Netflix when I could just go to Redbox or Blockbuster and pay one flat rate for streaming, DVD, and games? Why should I have to go to two different websites to manage the same services? So, not only has Netflix increased their rates but they separate the services thus making everything more complicated. They don't even bother to make all DVD movies available for streaming only subscribers nor do they make an effort to make new releases available sooner. 

They can take that rambling, condescending letter and...well, you know.

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