Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fit Me Maybelline Foundation Review

I am well overdue for this review but I wanted to finish the bottle before I reviewed it. 

The Promise

This foundation does not have a new concept. It is the same as all of the other makeups that promise to blend perfectly into your skin. The only difference between this makeup and the others is the others will cover your blemishes and this one will not. It promises to make you look great without hiding your skin.

The delivery

Being a woman of color I have an issue with my skin known as hyperpigmentation. It means that when a blemish appears on my skin it leaves behind a black mark, dark brown marks on lighter skinned women of color. Fit Me does not cover these blemishes but it does make them less noticeable. It finds the balance between the highs and lows in the color of your skin. So you aren't being covered up but your skin tone is being evened out. If you have decent skin with the occasional hiccup then this foundation is for you. It makes you look naturally beautiful. My husband couldn't tell that I was wearing makeup until he noticed my eyeshadow. 

It matches my skin perfectly. I am a 320, Honey Beige and it matched my skin when I bought right before summer and it matched my skin in the dead of summer.  It's light enough to wear daily and all year.


Use a sponge to apply it not your fingers or a foundation brush. Use natural light to see if you have applied it evenly. Apply more foundation for a smoother look. Don't use heave eyeshadow colors with this look because it will look like you made up your eyes and nothing else.


It was $7.59 a bottle at RiteAid without the sale. That price was the average price of the foundation at Target and at Walgreens. I recommend looking online at Walgreens, RiteAid, and  Target at the same time to see which one has it on sale. It's usually on sale for $4.59 a bottle. If it's not on sale at one store it will be at the other. I would not buy this item when it is not on sale.

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