Saturday, September 17, 2011

Netflix Pix

Back by request is my weekly Netflix Pix. I stopped doing these because of the backlash of the price increase of Netflix monthly dues. But since the pricing is pretty much uniform across the board now, I might as well go back to furnishing a list of the stuff I watch. 

But I'm A Cheerleader stars Natasha Lyonne, one of my favorite actress. You may remember her from The Slums of Beverly Hills. I swore that movie was a ripoff of my diary entries when I was a teenager. This move is definitely one that will wind up in my "Don't Even Think About Borrowing This" collection. 

Megan (Lyonne) is a cheerleader who doesn't like kissing her boyfriend. She only has picture of girls inside of her school locker. Her parents conclude that she "must" be gay and therefore must be "fixed." She is sent to a gay and lesbian rehab camp to be corrected, where a very satirical comedy takes place. With the help of RuPaul, Clea DuVall, Eddie Cibrian, Kathy Moriarty, Mink Stole and Michelle Williams, this movie is a great comedy that belongs in the same league with The Slums of Beverly Hills, Saved, and Little Miss Sunshine.

Saw 3D The Final Chapter successfully redeems the downfall of arguably one of the best horror film series since Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street. We all remember how the last two Saw movies left us shouting obscenities and mumbling disgruntled comments. The Final Chapter leaves the horror film fan feeling satisfied, which is not what we felt having spent an extra $14 just to see this movie in 3D. I can honestly say there was no need to see this movie in 3D at all. There were a total of 4 scenes where it was obvious that the flying intestines or weaponry was intended for 3D but I can't say I felt a loss. The mystery is still enjoyable and the traps will have you cringing, turning away and shouting, "Oh my God, I can't watch!" The ending is such a sweet release you may want to have a cigarette or a chocolate bar to help savor the moment.

I began watching Mad Men because of Joan's gorgeous style on the promos. I am a fan of the 50's housewife fashions. I get my fill watching the first two seasons of Mad Men. Netflix has all four seasons available to watch instantly. There is nothing more annoying than starting to watch a series on Netflix after it's a few seasons along  and finding that you won't be able to understand what's happening on the new episodes because the most recent season isn't available. That happened with Weeds. It took so long for Weeds to become available I was completely incapable of enjoying the most recent season available on DVD. With Mad Men you can completely catch up. As far as the show goes, I have to say that absolutely nothing happens on this show but I guarantee you won't be able to stop watching it. There is the excitement of the advertising account managements and the wonder of whether or not Don Draper will have another affair. But honestly, nothing eventful takes place. Still, I enjoyed every minute of every season and can't wait to watch season 5 on AMC.                                                                                                                                         

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