Thursday, September 15, 2011

DIY Kitchen Racks

If you you're like me you may have two to three sets of pots and pans and no place to put them all. I posted some nails on the wall and hung my pots but found that there still wasn't enough room. One day I was in Anna's Linens and I saw a really nice curtain rod. I had absolutely no need for it but I really liked it. Then I noticed that there was a weight specification on the side of the package. Apparently this curtain rod was meant to hold a very heavy amount of fabric thus allowing the owner to hang long heavy drapery. I went home and weighed a set of pots and pans I just bought in the box and they were well withing the weight limit. I bought the rod and hung it in my kitchen, using metal curtain hooks, (squeezed closed) to hang the pots and pans. I felt special that I had come up with a money saving idea. Immediately I went online to share my idea with all of you and found that I was certainly not the first to come up with this idea. You can use towel racks or curtain rods to store your lids or pots in your kitchen and still have plenty of space. 

In the above picture, Martha Stewart used a regular towel rod she got from a garage sale. She painted it and used hooks to hold her utensils. 

Here's one that can be added on the inside of a cabinet door so that your wall space is not overflowing with utensils. 

If towel racks are not your thing, you can recycle and old crib and make an overhead rack like this one.

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